Pocket Kick

Pocketable Stereo.

$99.99 - $120

You're carrying a world of music in your phone and it's just waiting to be played. We designed Pocket Kick for music lovers like you who want to enjoy and share all the music that’s in the palm of your hand. Pocket Kick is ultra-portable and can slip into your pocket, bag, or purse and with a 10-hour rechargeable battery, you can play your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere.

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Wireless streaming

Line In

3.5mm line in jack compatible


Take calls wirelessly anywhere

Charge with Micro USB

Charge via any USB-port


Fits anywhere, goes everywhere

Rechargeable Battery

Battery version offers up to 10-hours of playtime

  • It takes a lot for a Bluetooth speaker to get our attention these days, but Soundfreaq’s Pocket Kick did the trick.

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  • Soundfreaq designed its portable sound sandwich to be something people would want to take with them virtually everywhere, essentially changing their lives by bringing even more music into it.

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  • The Best-Sounding Speaker You Can Fit in Your Pocket

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Surprising Sound Right in Your Hand

Loud, Full, Detailed…Wow

We wanted a speaker that would never leave your side, but that could pump out impressive sound bigger than you would expect. So after several mockups and designs, we perfected the audio-engine that powers Pocket Kick. It features a pair of custom engineered drivers and a passive radiator sandwiched between two full-metal, open air grills. Meticulously tuned, the design is optimized for airflow and projects full-frequency sound with lower frequencies kicked out the back.

Portable Just Got Pocketable

Fits Anywhere. Goes Everywhere.

While we were designing Pocket Kick we found that pockets and hands aren’t fans of sharp corners, so we softened up the angles and edges. Sharp-cornered rectangles are a signature look of our other space-saving speaker designs, but Pocket Kick’s rounded edges and soft curves are more pocket and travel friendly- and just feel great in your hand.

We also included a lanyard and loop with Pocket Kick since it will be traveling everywhere you do. Anything that makes it easier to bring music with you is a feature we feel is worth including.

Play All Day Long

Built-in Battery, Easy Charging

To ensure your music listening experience isn’t cut short, Pocket Kick features a built-in rechargeable battery that allows up to 10 hours of playtime. And when you do need to charge Pocket Kick, it’s super easy - just plug it directly into your computer or any powered USB port for quick and easy charging. Anywhere you can charge your phone, you can charge Pocket Kick, so your music is ready to play as soon as you are ready to listen.

App-solute Entertainment

Your Favorite Apps Have Never Sounded Better

With apps like RDIO, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora and more you have access to all the music in the world right in the palm of your hand. Pocket Kick frees your favorite songs, albums and playlists from your smartphone so you can enjoy them with your friends and family. Watching Netflix, HBO GO or HuluPlus? Pocket Kick also enhances your viewing experience by delivering rich, crystal clear audio for movies, TV shows, videos, games, for these and other popular apps.

We created some fun custom playlists, check them out at songs.soundfreaq.com.

Take Your Calls Wirelessly From Anywhere

Speakerphone With Built-in Mic

Pocket Kick has a built-in microphone, making it easy for you to take calls wirelessly. And it works even better for conference calls, so your friends or colleagues don’t have to hover over a phone to hear the conversation.

Wireless for All

Keep Your Phone in Your Hand

You use your phone for just about everything—to text, make calls, email, browse the web and more—so you shouldn’t have to keep it stuck in a dock to play your music. Bluetooth is the wireless standard for smart devices so anyone can pair and play from any device with a simple touch of a button. From iPhone, iPad, and iPod to Android and Windows devices, Pocket Kick is compatible with both today’s and tomorrow’s wireless devices. You can even stream from a Mac or Windows PC with Bluetooth.

Always In Control

Just One Simple Touch

We built Pocket Kick with easy-to-use touch buttons that allow you to control volume and playback functions on your device directly from your speaker.