Sound Platform 2

Big Stereo Sound and More.

$149.99 - $249.99

Our most powerful Bluetooth speaker, Sound Platform 2 was designed to be the ultimate home stereo system. Fill your living room for a party or enjoy your favorite band's newest album with immersive stereo and studio-like clarity. You can even wirlelessly pair two Sound Platform 2's together for the ultimate wireless stereo experience.

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Wireless streaming

Optional Battery

Rechargable for up to 6-hours of playtime


Wirelessly pair two for powerful stereo

Dual USB Charging

Charge up to two devices via USB


Spatial sound enhancement

Tone Control

Three EQ presets: flat, warm or bright

Line In

3.5mm line in jack compatible

  • Thumping bass you can feel in your gut, midrange response that makes a saxophone actually sound like a saxophone, and convincing highs that faithfully reproduce everything from cymbals to sibilance.

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  • When you wirelessly pair two of them using a new DSS mode, you get dramatically wider stereo separation and unbelievable volume levels.

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  • Crank up a pair of these and prepare for complaints from the neighbors.

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Award-Winning Sound

Designed for Music Lovers

Sound Platform 2 is acoustically balanced to complement every genre from your playlist. It’s been sound crafted by our team of engineers for natural bass response, textured tones, musical detail and vocal clarity, so you’ll hear your favorite tunes brought to life.

We took the best hits from our original Sound Platform and upped the ante with larger speaker drivers, deep bass, acoustically tuned dual-port chamber, UQ3 spatial enhancement and Tone Control.

“Listen to the unit and you can immediately tell it had plenty of power. That means thumping bass you can feel in your gut, midrange response that makes a saxophone actually sound like a saxophone, and convincing highs that faithfully reproduce everything from cymbals to sibilance.” (Mashable).

Tons of Features and Possibilities

Dual USB Charging, Add-on Battery and More

Sound Platform 2 is equipped with not one, but two USB power ports so you can keep your phone powered up while you play. Sound Platform 2 also offers line-in for any device with a standard headphone jack. You can even enjoy Sound Platform 2’s built-in FM radio with clear digital tuning for convenient device-free listening.

Looking to go completely wireless? We offer an optional rechargeable battery for your Sound Platform 2 allowing you to move your speaker from room to room. The battery attaches easily to the bottom of the system and lets you play Sound Platform 2 at full power with no loss in volume or bass performance for up to six hours of listening. Even on battery power, Sound Platform 2’s USB power ports will let you charge your phone and tablet when wall power isn’t nearby.

Happy Together

Pair Two for True Stereo

Where did the stereo go? Docking speakers replaced component systems and although they’re more convenient to use with your iPod or Android, they really don’t pack the stereo punch of a multi-speaker setup. Until now. Enter Dual System Streaming (DSS)*, Sound Platform 2’s new, innovative technology that brings the best of both audio worlds together—powerful sound and true stereo separation combined with seamless, wireless connectivity.

Simply place two Sound Platform 2 systems on either side of the room and enjoy them as one, potent speaker system. Split left and right audio wirelessly between each speaker to fill your room with lush, powerful sound and head-turning stereo separation. “When two Sound Platform 2 units are paired, the audio impact is tremendous.” (iLounge).

*This feature only works with Bluetooth

App-solute Entertainment

Your Favorite Apps Never Sounded Better

With apps like RDIO, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora and more you have access to all the music in the world right in the palm of your hand. Sound Platform 2 frees your favorite songs, albums and playlists from your smartphone so you can enjoy them with your friends and family. Watching Netflix, HBO GO or HuluPlus? Sound Platform 2 also enhances your viewing experience by delivering rich, crystal clear audio for movies, TV shows, videos, games, for these and other popular apps.

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Wireless for All

Keep Your Phone in Your Hand

You use your phone for just about everything—to text, make calls, email, browse the web and more—so you shouldn’t have to keep it stuck in a dock to play your music. Bluetooth is the wireless standard for smart devices so anyone can pair and play from any device with a simple touch of a button. From iPhone, iPad, and iPod to Android and Windows devices, Sound Kick is compatible with both today’s and tomorrow’s wireless devices. You can even stream from a Mac or Windows PC with Bluetooth.