Sound Rise

The Alarm Clock Re-Imagined.

$80 - $100

We designed Sound Rise for music lovers like you who want to start the day with their favorite tunes, rock out while getting ready to go and relax with music as they fall asleep. We packed our award-winning sound quality and tons of smart features into this compact alarm clock that will look right at home in your bedroom and fill your life with more music.

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Wireless streaming

USB Charging

Charge your device via USB

Dual Alarm

With weekday/weekend settings

FM Radio

With clear digital tuning


Spatial sound enhancement

Tone Control

Three EQ presets: flat, warm or bright

Line In

3.5mm line in jack compatible

  • Each morning, we found ourselves listening a little longer, smiling a little more, and spending a little more of our routine in the bedroom than usual. And it seems to us, that’s exactly what the Sound Rise is designed to do.

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  • I feel like the Sound Rise is in a league of its own at this point.

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  • The Soundfreaq Sound Rise Bluetooth Alarm Clock is everything you want bedside.

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Big Sound, Small Footprint

Outstanding Sound in a Stand-Up Design

We designed Sound Rise from the ground up to be the ultimate modern Bluetooth bedroom speaker and alarm clock that combines design, functionality and award-winning sound quality. Sound Rise’s upright design takes up minimal space on your nightstand and with its custom speaker driver projects crystal clear audio, filling your bedroom with your favorite music. Sound Rise blends “a pulpy batch of midrange frequencies to reproduce vocals, stringed instruments, and percussion like toms and snare with a smooth, balanced touch” (Digital Trends). Sound Rise is also built with Tone Control, so you can adjust the audio from neutral to warm or bright.

Your Alarm Clock Just Got Smarter

Packed with Features to Complement Your Lifestyle

Old-school alarm clocks were built with staple functions that everyone still uses today. Sound Rise keeps those same comforting features, but with much improved functionality and added features to complement today’s modern lifestyle.

Sound Rise offers dual alarms with weekday/weekend settings. Wake up to a chime, the radio or your own music from your wirelessly paired phone or tablet all with gradually increasing volume to wake you up gently. You can even set your preferred maximum volume for the alarm, so whether you’re a heavy or a light sleeper, Sound Rise will wake you up with just the right amount of sound.

We designed Sound Rise’s display with a custom font that optimizes readability without filling a room with excess light. It’s also built with adjustable display settings that range from extra bright to total blackout for those who don’t want any light coming from their alarm clock. In blackout mode, just one tap of any button will turn the light on briefly if you want to check the time and when your alarm goes off, the display will turn back on as well.

To read more about Sound Rise’s features, check out our Design Note on Sound Rise: It’s All in the Details.

Wake Up Recharged and Refreshed

Charging and Snoozing

Sound Rise is equipped with a USB power port, keeping your mobile devices charged while you sleep and displaying that comforting “100% battery” every morning when you wake up. And since your phone’s not stuck in a dock, you can easily pick it up and use it while it’s charging without needing to sit up in bed to finesse it back onto a dock connector.

No more blindly slapping the wrong button when you want to snooze a few minutes longer and risking shutting off your alarm. Even the buttons adjacent to our snooze button will snooze the alarm since we don’t expect anyone to have perfect aim first thing in the morning. Sound Rise offers different snooze times including 5, 10, and 20-minutes. We designed a special button to use either as a sleep timer so you can fall asleep to music for a set period of time or as a nap timer which allows you to nap for 15, 30, 60, 90 or 120-minutes.

Wireless for All

Keep Your Phone in Your Hand

You use your phone for just about everything—to text, make calls, email, browse the web and more—so you shouldn’t have to keep it stuck in a dock to play your music. Bluetooth is the wireless standard for smart devices so anyone can pair and play from any device with a simple touch of a button. From iPhone, iPad, and iPod to Android and Windows devices, Sound Rise is compatible with both today’s and tomorrow’s wireless devices. You can even stream from a Mac or Windows PC with Bluetooth.