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Sound Rise Classic

Sound Rise Classic Black

Sound Rise Classic

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We designed Sound Rise for music lovers like you who want to start the day with their favorite tunes, rock out while getting ready and relax with music as they fall asleep. We packed our award-winning sound quality and tons of smart features into this compact alarm clock that will look right at home in your bedroom. Sound Rise is built with a USB power port, keeping your mobile devices charged while you sleep and displaying that comforting “100% battery” every morning when you wake up. Sound Rise also offers dual alarms with weekday/weekend settings and an adjustable display that ranges from extra bright to total blackout.

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“The Soundfreaq Sound Rise Bluetooth Alarm Clock is everything you want bedside.”


“Sound Rise is cool, easy-to-use, and sounds great.”


"You’d be hard-pressed to find another Bluetooth alarm clock that looks as nice as this one and offers similar functionality for $70.”


“Each morning, we found ourselves listening a little longer, smiling a little more, and spending a little more of our routine in the bedroom than usual. And it seems to us, that’s exactly what the Sound Rise is designed to do.”


"It was love at first listen.”


"I feel like the Sound Rise is in a league of its own at this point.”

Wireless Features

Bluetooth wireless to stream from your phone, tablet or computer including iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Stream audio for music, video, games and podcasts from any app

Play and skip tracks wirelessly with buttons right on the speaker

Easy to setup with one-touch pair button

Clock Features

Wake to music, radio or chime

Dual Alarms with weekend and weekday option

Dimmable display brightness with "blackout" option to turn display off

Fall asleep to music using Sleep Timer

Nap timer


Small footprint design leaves plenty of room on your nightstand

5.6" Tall    5.2" Wide    3.3" Deep